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Why abcirclepro .com over some of the other equipment or spinning?

               First let me preface this by letting you know who I am and why Iím writing this article. I am 65 years old and a grandmother. I know, you donít see many 65 year olds on the internet, but itís my grandson whoís transferring my words onto the world wide web. Being around during the 60ís, we had some crazy ideas about how to stay healthy. Does everyone remember the food pyramid and recommendations to drink 8 glasses of water and walk around the block every day? I sure do.

               The truth of the matter is that sites like abcirclepro .com just werenít around back in my day. If they were I would have a nice set of 65 yr old 6 pack abs, ha ha ha. That sounds silly, but Iím sure Sally Fields has them. Maybe not, Iím not sure. Anyways, Iím just trying to stay in shape but Iím not to the point where a walk is all I need. I still need real exercise but it just canít be too strenuous. Sure, Iíve seen a ton of different ideas for losing weight. The diet pills I see on t v these days are just ridiculous. I know my son tried going on one of the fad diets a couple years ago. He start out a husky guy in his late 20ís, probably about 220 lbs at 5í8Ē, then I guess he lost about 50 lbs (or so he says, probably more like 35-40), but he still looked good. I was so proud of him, but I felt like he just lost it all so fast, so I was naturally a little concerned. He kept the weight off all of 3 months before he gained it back. I wish abcirclepro .com would have been around back then. Now he struggles with his weight worse than ever. The last time I saw him he was tipping the scales around 300 lbs. This isnít good for his heart and I worry about his kids too. They are already starting bad habits, like eating ice cream before bed every night and eating everything they see. Itís good, I guess, when youíve about 14 or 15 but at 20 yrs old it can really become a problem. Hi daughter, Karen, is 190 lbs and only 5í3Ē so sheís the one Iím really worried about. Iíve recommended all of this to her before but she doesnít really listen to me. So anyways, Iíve included my workout routine with abcirclepro .com below and my daily diet.

               First I wake up and take all of my vitamins. I canít stress how important vitamins really are. They have kept me healthy for the last 65 years and hopefully the next 40 or so too. Then I have a nice big breakfast. I have some carbs and protein and fat. None of this is really a big problem right now, because itís better I eat it for breakfast and burn it throughout the day. The only problem is that itís hard to resist bad good food the rest of the day. They say you should try to eat 5-6 meals per day, but I usually just have 3-4 light meals and really small snacks in between. Every ďsnackĒ I eat is a fruit, usually an apple. I love apple because they give me energy and taste delicious, but choose your favorite fruits and have them when you canít resist eating.

               Abcirclepro .com alone will not solve all of your problems, so itís important you adhere to a diet and count your calories. I started counting calories about 3 years ago and Iím one of the healthiest people I know. I can even proudly say that I look about 20 years younger than I am. 65 is the new 45 anyways, right?

               Oh, and before I forget, let me tell you about my dinnerÖ Iíve been eating salads with a light meat side with some olive oil. Itís important itís olive oil and not dressing you are putting on your salad and that you arenít putting too much meat on it. Too much meat is bad for you. This is a good diet for me and generally gets me to about 1,500 calories per day which keeps me good and healthy. Check with your doctor before starting any new exercise or diet program, this is all just my experience. At my age, experience is all I really have. Also, Iím a woman so calorie intake for men and women is different. I remember when I was younger they used to say 2000 calories a day for women and 2500 calories a day for a man. Who knows these days. You can use abcirclepro .com at just about any age as long as youíre in good health I think.

               As far as using the abcirclepro .com, make sure that you are not taking your time. You should be going pretty fast back and forth. Make sure you read the abcirclepro .com safety manual too.